About Sober Living

Sobriety Connection

Personalized Care

12 Step Recovery

Sobriety Connection is a recovery community that provides a structured, sober living environment to those seeking recovery from addiction.

Sobriety Connection offers high quality, personalized care for a range of individuals. We provide transportation to group outings or doctors appointments, as well as the tools needed for recovery. We understand that recovery is a process and is different for everyone, which is why we tailor our care to meet the specific needs of each guest. Addiction is complicated because it affects the mind, body and spirit. Rather than only focusing on the medical side of recovery, Sobriety Connection gives individuals the tools to strengthen and connect their mind, body and spirit.

Our Program

We truly want to provide our guests with the best recovery process available. We believe that having a supportive community during recovery can help achieve effective, positive outcomes. Our structured program allows residents to become independent, gain accountability and grow personally in a supportive, safe space. We have found that emphasizing responsibility and accountability helps our residents maintain sobriety long term.

Our program consists of several tools available to individuals during recovery. We utilize these tools, while staying mindful of our residents and their unique goals, personalities and experiences.

  • Health and Fitness - Our program gives residents access to a gym and workout plan. Our facility emphasizes nutrition and provides guests with healthy, organic meals. Our guests are given the option to participate in fun activities like sports and outdoor recreation.  
  • 12 Step Group - We offer a 12 step program that includes transportation to activities and meetings.
  • Holistic Living - Sobriety Connection gives residents access to yoga, meditation and self reflection to focus on the self as a whole.
  • Daily Check-Ins - We offer guidance throughout the recovery process. This includes daily check-ins, goal setting and family updates.
  • Group Outings - We are constantly providing guests with opportunities like beach days, sporting events, movies, outdoor activities, museum visits, concerts, etc.
  • Mentorships - Our guests are given a mentor to offer guidance and help them along their journey to recovery.
  • Life Skills - We assist guests with resume building, education, career assistance and cooking classes in order to set them up for long-term success.

In order to make our guests as comfortable as possible during their recovery process, we have created a community that is fun and safe. Our on-site staff is available 24/7 to assist residents when needed. We are willing to work with each individual in order to tailor a plan that suits their needs.