Group and Peer Support

Sobriety Connection

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

In many people’s experience with recovery, ongoing support has been one of the most beneficial aspects of treatment. Support helps our residents return to a healthy and meaningful life. We value our residents and take pride in their recovery journey which is why Sobriety Connection makes sure you are not alone in your recovery. With a strong emphasis on community and support, we will give you the tools necessary to help you succeed in your journey.

Mentoring: Multiple studies have proved mentoring to be successful when recovering from addiction. Our mentoring program provides one-on-one contact with someone who has faced and overcome addiction. Mentoring is a way for residents to connect with someone who understands and relates to what they are going through. Some residents continue to meet with their mentors even after they have left our facilities.

Support Groups: During your stay at Sobriety Connection, you will have the opportunity to participate in support groups. Support groups are a way for people to share their experiences and can be helpful for those seeking recovery. The benefits of support groups include:
meeting new people, sharing and learning new coping strategies with others, receiving emotional support during difficult days, finding accountability, knowing you are not alone in your recovery process.

Our support groups provide guests with a safe space for them to share feelings, experiences and any challenges they may be facing. Support is crucial in the recovery process.

12-Step Support Groups

In addition to offering traditional support groups, our facility also offers a 12 step support group for our residents. Our 12 step support is similar to a regular support group but is based around the 12 step recovery program. Our 12 step group consists of those who are undergoing the 12 step program. The people in this group are often at different stages of the 12 step program, which can be encouraging and helpful for those first entering the 12 step group.

The 12 step program contains a set of guidelines that are used to help people maintain sobriety. For more information on the 12 step program, visit our 12 step group page.