Screening Process

Sobriety Connection

Addiction Treatment

Screening Process

We understand that making a decision to seek help for your addiction can be challenging. In order to receive the most extensive and personalized care, we ask that our residents bring a complete list of medical and mental health history. Collecting relevant information about your medical and mental health conditions, along with dates, doctors, medications taken can be especially helpful in the admission process. We also will ask about the last time you consumed alcohol or used drugs, and/or any past rehabilitation admissions or relapses.

Although we will ask that you provide us with your health records, we also will conduct an extensive screening process to determine your treatment needs.

The goal of our screening process is to determine where you are physically and mentally a candidate for a comprehensive addiction treatment program. This gives us insight into what is going on with those seeking help and allows us to provide care on a deeper and more individualized level. Our screening process consists of the following:

  • Physical examination
  • Psychological screening
  • HIV testing
  • Hepatitis testing
  • Photos and fingerprinting

We understand the anxiety surrounding any screening process. However, we feel it is necessary to screen candidates for our resident program before admission in order to provide them with the most extensive and beneficial care available to them.

During the screening process, our admission experts are understanding and sensitive. They are experienced and offer support during the process. We find it important to understand the needs of our patients, which is why we ask our patients to be honest during the screening process. Sobriety Connection is a safe place and the information we receive during a screening process is confidential.

Depending on the results of the screening, a person may be eligible for up to three months of residency at Sobriety Connection. The length of stay depends on an individual’s goals and condition.

In order to ensure that our facility is inclusive and helpful to all, we offer treatment for parolees and those facing homelessness. All patients must complete the screening process and follow facility rules during their time in residency.

Services for Homeless

Sobriety Connection offers services to those facing homelessness. With at least 800,000 homeless people in the United States, many of these people turn to addiction. We have multiple service trucks for screening and evaluations for those who seek help with their addiction.

Our service trucks offer the following services:

  • Physical and psychological evaluations
  • HIV testing
  • Hepatitis testing
  • STI testing

In addition to the services listed above, those who seek help from our service trucks may also be referred to a medical center to seek treatment for certain medical conditions. We may also request that you get photographed and fingerprinted.

This process can help determine a condition and can also help determine if someone is eligible for work, financial aid or other mental evaluations.