Sober Living FAQ

Sobriety Connection

Q& A

How does Sobriety Connection differ from a traditional rehabilitation center?

Sobriety Connection is loosely structured, with a strong emphasis on community, inclusion, support and accountability. Studies have found this structure to be effective in those recovering from addiction. Our facility allows residents to live their lives in a safe environment. We organize frequent group outings, fun activities and give guests the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our facility is individualized and recognizes that our residents are simply people who are trying to heal.

Will there be on-site professionals at Sobriety Connection?

Although we do not have on-site doctors, we have trained staff members onsite 24/7 who are always willing to help.

How will a residential program help with sobriety?

Relearning a healthy lifestyle takes practice and patience. Getting sober can be difficult to do on your own with the stressors of your everyday life. Our facility gives residents a safe space for recovery, while allowing them to ease into a healthy lifestyle and escape from stress and triggers.

Our supportive community allows residents to learn self-care and gradually ease into a sober lifestyle. The environment at our facility is supportive, inclusive and fun. After treatment, living a healthy lifestyle feels natural for our residents.

Are there requirements for Sobriety Connection residential program?

In order to qualify for our residential program you must be 18 or older, have been sober for at least 24 hours, agreed to recovery, agreed to follow Sobriety Connection’s rules and guidelines, and have no history of sexual or violent crimes.

How long should I stay in a residential program?

The length of your stay depends on your condition. The minimum stay is 30 days. However, you are welcome to stay for as long as it takes for you to feel comfortable and healthy.

Can I still attend regular doctor's appointments or appointments with my therapist?

Yes, we provide daily transportation to and from appointments.

What happens if I relapse?

When a resident relapses, they are discharged from our program. However, in some cases they may return after being sober for 24 hours. If multiple relapses occur during your time in our program, we may recommend hospitalization or more structured care.